ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gaming Router with Trend Micro Review

ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band

It is hard to choose the best router for gaming because of all the options available in the market. However, the ASUS RT- AC88U stands out among them all because of its exceptional features. The ASUS router attracts most game enthusiasts or Pc enthusiasts as it produces the best gaming routers. ASUS RT- AC88 U is the best it has ever produced. It has all the features of its other older brothers and many unique ones of its own. The most attractive feature is the Ai protection. To protect one’s network from all sorts of internet bugs and viruses, the Ai protection works like a Pro.

Powered by Trend Micro, this feature ensures that no personal information is forwarded if any virus somehow gets into your system. Ai protection successfully keeps your system away from malicious sites by blocking them so; you can rest assured with this feature activated on your Pc. Another feature that will have you swooning all over this ASUS gaming modem is the Adaptive Quality of the Service (QoS).

Are you usually multitasking but it gets complicated with the internet speed faster for the tasks that are not on your priority list? With Adaptive QoS all you have to do is arrange the priority, and the router takes care of the rest. Also, you can monitor the upload and download bandwidth of your modem thus keeping an eye on the overuse of your internet connection.

The ASUS gaming router passed all the speed tests with flying colours. Even when there were plenty of walls acting are hindrances to the web connection, the router showed impressive speed. In proximity, the modem scored 537 Mbps with a 5GHz test. With its vast range, the modem was also tested for 72 hours. Within these hours many files were transferred, all these data flowed flawlessly. There was no interruption due to the speed of the internet.

  • The 4 detachable antennas help in maintaining the speed during a gaming match.
  • ASUSWRT User Interface which gives quick access to the 3 step installation of the gaming router.
  • 8 Gigabit LAN Ports which is unique as most gaming routers have just four LAN ports.

Now, think how many games you can play without your gaming modem getting heat up. The easy installation of the router is the best part for most gamers as they are always in a hurry. When one connects the gaming router to their system, the router immediately launches itself into action. The modem is smart and detects and scans the internet connection and then installs itself as Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE router or a DHCP.

The 8 Gigabit LAN ports are sure to gain the interest of a gamer. The unwavering internet connection ensures that you play (either multiplayer games or single games) without any interruption and shoot that perfect score on your favourite game. The ASUS RT-AC88U has an advantage over its brothers. It is the same size as other ASUS modems, however, more features. People with NAS server can even combine the first 2 ports of the gaming router which would give you 2Gbps speed, and that is just amazing!

Another attractive component of this ASUS gaming router is that it is MU-MIMO ready. MU-MIMO means Multi -user Multi Input Multi Output. This allows multiple devices to be connected to the gaming router at once without compromising the speed of the internet. It is a very crucial feature for gaming purpose, after all, you would not want to lose a game just because of poor internet connection. MU-MIMO allows every connected person to have equally high speed without degrading the speed.

ASUS really thought through each of its products and its user’s needs. Through the ASUS app, one can manage and customise their modem more easily. From setting up their router to monitoring the traffic of the internet connections, things are much simpler.

The black matte look of the modem is pretty attractive and lies in sync with any gaming Pc. The ASUS router has four removable antennas at the front and a number of ports at the back. The back ports include 8-gigabit port, a USB port, a power jack and a WAN port. There are two USB ports on the modem, a 3.0 USB at the front and 2.0 USB port at the back.

If you have it easy with the money, then you should go ahead and grab the ASOS RT- AC88U gaming modem. With features like VPN server, Ai Protection, Adaptive QoS and others, the ASOS RT-AC88U is the best modems for gaming.

  • Built in 1024-QAM technology
  • Routers have 33% greater 2.4GHz coverage
  • 4x routers transmit and 4x routers receive antennas
  • Smart connect built into these routers
  • AiProtection

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