Xbox One Elite Wireless PC Controller Review

Xbox One Elite Controller

The Xbox One Elite Wireless PC Controller is another great product that has become gamers’ favourite choice. It comes with a carrying case, set of four paddles, 6 thumbsticks, set of 2D pads, USB cable, AA batteries and a manual. This product offers swap thumbsticks and D-pads for game-changing accuracy and speed.  The Xbox One Elite Wireless PC Controller also provides hair trigger locks that allow you to fire much faster. The unique interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip help gamers achieve greater control. The controller also allows easy customization with an app on the Xbox One Console and gives amazing precision.

The PC Controller boasts of a fantastic build and super finished quality. It has made noticeable changes in the D-pad, analog sticks and paddle buttons. The analog sticks move smoothly in order to give the ultimate gaming experience. It offers three interchangeable pairs of sticks – the shipping pair and standard are essentially similar to the stock controller. The stick sensitivity can also be adjusted through Microsoft’s software. However, it only works with Windows 10. The rear paddles provide excellent grip making it easier to perform faster actions. There is a definite improvement on its D-pad that allows you to swap between the faceted D-pad and standard cross style. This increases flexibility during gaming. The satellite style D-pad makes shooting fireballs an easier task.

The Hair Trigger Locks is useful for shooters where you don’t require it to move too much and need it to know when you want to shoot. It limits travel of each trigger. Practically means that the player will be able to aim and load quickly in FPS games. The Elite Controller comes with a bag to store all the extra pieces as a result of plenty of sticks to choose from. It is best suited for pro-gamers who are ready to spend some extra money to get a few extra features. It also includes an audio jack making it give the perfect gaming experience. Microsoft has also included 3 joysticks- the traditional concave ones, tall sticks and some style ones. These sticks can be mixed in a combination if the player wishes to do so.

The Xbox option allows you to remap all buttons on the PC controller. One particular change in this controller is the increased weight which may not be desirable to some for the reason that it makes movements slow and lethargic. It includes a 3.5mm headphone jack next to the legacy connection.The Xbox One app makes sure that the customization options do not stop with the hardware. It helps you rebind functionality of each and every button, trigger, and bumper. The controller can store two button mapping configurations at once. The app also provides some pre-made options for certain games like Halo 5. The controller is also highly durable. To make the controller compatible with the PC, there are several drivers which will do so and can be downloaded with great ease. The levers make a great difference in games like Forza 6 where they act like paddle shifters and a clutch for manual transmissions. The battery life is durable and satisfactory. You can also jump right into a game with the help of customising button maps by using community created configurations that can be downloaded easily.


  • Feels great in hand and has great grip throughout
  • Several customization options available
  • Mature design
  • Bumper buttons are usable

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