Thrustmaster GPX Controller Review

Thrustmaster GPX Controller

Your game controllers are a vital component of your gaming experience. They are the interface between you and the game and to show off your skills in your favourite game, you need to have an amazing game controller. The company ThrustMaster brings you a fantastic controller for PC, the Thrustmaster GPX Controller. This controller has an official license for providing you with the best gaming experience ever. The Thrustmaster GPX Controller has been licensed for Xbox 360 which means that the performance of this amazing controller has been verified by the makers of your Xbox. It is even compatible with your PCs. It has everything to provide you with the comfort and reliability for you to have an awesome gameplay.

The gamepad has an unbeatable design that provides you with the ease of accessing the buttons and the comfort for an amazing gaming experience. With a form factor of 6.7 x 3 x 7.9 inches and weighing only 12.8 ounces, the Thrustmaster GPX Controller is made to suit your hands comfortably for a tremendous display of your skills. Due to the non-slip grip surface at the entire bottom of the PC gamepad; you will never miss a shot because your hand slipped over the controller. The controller features a contoured design that provides comfort for optimal handling. This ergonomic design will always be a plus point for you in your favourite games.

With tonnes of features, the Thrustmaster GPX Controller always keeps your gaming experience at the top priority. The controller features two vibration motors instead of one that runs at different frequencies to provide you with a different signal for separate information. The low-frequency buzzer is placed on the left of the controller, and the high-frequency buzzer is there at the right hand side. This feature helps you differentiate between the vibrations for separate incidents which means you have a precise real-time in game assistance.

The mini sticks on the Thrustmaster GPX controller are tremendously precise because of the genuine rubber used to make them which provides a non-slip grip to your hands while you are playing your games. This lets you have an ultimate gaming experience. The optimised precision on this PC gamepad is two times more than the standard gamepads available in the market. There’s even an Xbox guide button to provide to instant access to the tray. The button is just the same as on Xbox and has the same 4 LED structure to indicate the number of players connected to your game. It also lets you switch between the game that is active to the Xbox menus. Also, the two progressive triggers have been optimised to guarantee an ultra-precise control. Due to the optimised resistance pressure, the gamer gets a long range of travel for an amazing control over the game. The cross-shaped D-pad and the long stroke triggers make this controller a high-performance controller available in the market. The refined ergonomics of this device make it one of the best PC gamepads available in the market.


  • Contoured design to provide comfortable handling for optimum performance
  • Two vibration motors with different frequencies that let you feel distinct feedbacks for distinct information signals
  • Genuine rubber used the sticks for a perfect grip
  • Xbox guide button to perform various tasks at one click

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