SteelSeries Stratus XL, Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller Review

SteelSeries Stratus Controller

With the ongoing gaming spree spreading like wildfire in the present times, the launch of the PlaystationDualshock 4 gaming controller is a true bliss for all gamers. Marked by its sturdy construction and compact design, this controller does take care of the gamers comforts. With the previous versions lacking appropriate structure and configuration, the Dualshock 4 is the best controller Sony has ever made. The DS4 may not seem as strong and durable as the Xbox controller, but it is indeed quite a durable machine.

With the Dualshock 3 controllers lacking appropriate spacing between sticks and triggers which could not be handled well by people having slightly bigger hands for long, the Dualshock 4 comes as a huge relief to cater to all such issues. It has sticks that are sufficiently apart with slightly concave pits so as to hold the tips of our thumbs well in place. They are somewhat larger than the Xbox ones and have more resistance and sturdiness, but they firmly return to their original configuration on being released. These also enable a longer and comfortable experience of the controller.

It’s triggers on being pressed fully, reach their threshold and come to a definite halt with a click as opposed to the Xbox’s 360 version or other such competitors. This doesn’t really affect the gaming logistics, but it surely gives a more haptic sensation.
Its bumpers are clear and firm in their usage which again serves as a postulate to beat the Xbox’s 360 in the same aspect. They are much smaller and move up and down with crisp movements.
DS4 possesses buttons which even after being pressed for long, return to their original position perfectly. Plus their shape puts very little pressure on the fingers. It is only after extended usage that we can hear a slight creaking sound, though they still feel bouncy and unaltered. Another feature is the front facing light which glows blue in color for the primary connected player and changes accordingly as per the synchronisation with the console. This acts as a dashboard status indicator.
With a glossy look and a semi-matte finish, it is a piece of visually pleasing hardware. It is more of a grown up machine than some gaudy looking software controller. Plus it is compact enough to slip into your house without being highlighted. An added advantage is that The DS4 can charge controllers over USB while in standby mode as opposed to the Dualshock 3 version. Such a necessity met! It has also launched a gyroscopic and accelerometer-based motion control which is a huge improvement from the Dualshock 3 version.


  • Compact design
  • Triggers and buttons are well suited for comfortable gaming
  • Gyroscopic and Accelerometer based motion control
  • Can charge controllers over USB while in standby mode
  • User-friendly hardware enabling a comfortable gaming experience

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