Steam Controller for Computers Review

Steam Controller

The Steam Controller provides a new level of precise control for your favourite games and allows you to play all your stream games on your TV. The product features dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual stage triggers, back grip buttons and completely customizable control schemes. The dual trackpads allow 1:1 absolute position input through virtual controls like the trackball, adaptive centre joystick or steering wheel. All buttons on the controller have been placed in such a position that it is according to the frequency of use, required precision, and ergonomic effort.

The PC Controller comes in a clean and neatly packed box. It comes with two AA batteries, a Bluetooth USB connector for wireless pairing and an extender that allows you to move near your PC. The PC Controller can be used as a wireless or wired controller. It can be fully configured down to how each button and trigger acts and feels (haptic feedback). Each input can be set up in such a way to get a texture through haptic feedback. The Steam Controller has really snappy triggers which make gaming much more enjoyable. The Steam Controller is completely made of plastic except for the single thumb stick that is made of rubber. The dual touchpads make the PC Controller unique which emulates using a mouse. At some instances, it acts as a trackpad to control a cursor. However, it fails at replicating the speed and precision of a mouse. The Steam Controller allows you to decide what each button and axis do base on a game to game basis. Any control made can be shared with the Steam community.

The Steam Controller attempts to bridge the gap between PC and console gaming. The hand grips on the controller make it a lot bulkier. The buttons are a lot smaller as compared to the Xbox One controller. This probably has been done to fit in the large touchpads. The Steam Controller provides stable analog sticks that give you the required stiffness in moving. The controller has two touchpads; one sits where traditionally a D-Pad must be located while the replaces the secondary analog stick. The bumpers and analog sticks are ideally positioned where it is easy to reach them. A unique feature of this controller are the two additional paddles beneath the controller. Steam’s Big Picture mode that makes your PC all about gaming. It has its own browser and youtube app. It is best suited for streaming on TV. Before playing a game, you need to browse a number of configuration settings via Steam and find the one you are comfortable with. The controller gives the feel of a specialist device. The defining quality of video games is interactivity.

The controller uses a Linux based OS System.


  • Innovative touchpads enable gamepad control experiences
  • Customisable software allows great gaming experience
  • Community profiles for easy controller configuration

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