Razer Wildcat – eSports Customizable Premium Controller Review

Razer Wildcat Controller

Razer wildcat is one of the three top pro controllers available. It is an elite level controller and can be used with Xbox One or PC. It feels comfortable and alert, and the hyper-responsive buttons are remarkable.

Made for tournament play, this is the ultimate gaming controller. It packs four additional Multi-Function Buttons over the ordinary controller layout for unmatched customizability. The optimised weight has the lightest load on your hands, and the optional palm grips add to the magic. The reinforced wired connection is the highlight and is designed for long gaming sessions. The new Razer Wildcat gives you an advantage over your competition in training as well as in the actual critical tournament moments.

The customization is really the draw for this controller. It has dedicated button layout profiles for each of your games. You can tweak your audio settings on the go. The Razer Wildcat for Xbox One gives you full control.

Having an edge above the rest, the Razer Wildcat has four additional, multi-functional intuitive buttons. There are two bumpers at the shoulders and two removable triggers on the underside. Placed ideally where your fingertips can easily access these, these Multi-Function Buttons can be appropriately used to remap any and all of the other controls found on the controller. These have the ability to freestyle the configuration of your controller. You are at a clear advantage to decide how you have to win the competition!

Even during the most intense moments, this controller gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience. The Razer Wildcat is based on the weight category as the standard Xbox One controller and features a refined shape for optimum efficiency and comfort which is perfected by the placement of the Multi-Function Buttons. With the ABXY buttons, this controller is perfect for staying on top of your game during extended training sessions and critical tournament moments.

The built in quick control panel gives easy access to a plethora of functions, right from toggling between profiles, to adjusting chat volume as well as muting game. Thus, the gamer never needs to take his hands off the controller during a match. Thus, the controller is a messiah during the in-game action.

The controller has high carbon steel analogue stick necks, removable aircraft grade aluminium triggers, and optional palm grips. Razer Wildcat gives you a greater edge over the competition with unparalleled durability regardless of how extreme your playing style is.


  • Sturdy, mechanical buttons to counter extreme playstyles
  • Highly sensitive to give the most comfortable gaming experience and in-game action
  • Built-in audio controls
  • Rubber add-on for thumbsticks adds extra grip and comfort
  • Useful, intuitive extra buttons

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