Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller Review

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

With the retail price being only slightly less than its wireless counterpart, the Microsoft Xbox 360 wired controller is a simple and effective device that is rapidly gaining popularity. The nine feet long cable which connects the controller to the console is provided with a breakaway provision that prevents the console from falling in case of anyone tripping on it. This chord is also thin and flexible, and that gives you the sensation of playing with wireless. Not only that, in comparison to the wireless controller, the wired one is slightly lighter and less bulky because of the absence of battery at its back. While engrossed in a bloody battle against the men of Mars, you often need to react instantly. This Xbox 360 Controller is able to deliver its blows within the immediate response time.

The black and white buttons which were placed in the older versions have been successfully removed to increase the aesthetics. The start and back buttons have now been moved to the centre to make it easily accessible. The centre Xbox logo button which used to be useless is now used to power on the device and the controller if the console is off. This is also set with a ring of light, each of whose quarter being used to denote the players from 1 to 4, which is cool. This centre button is also used as the tradition button so that we can change from the game to communication features in the Xbox live. The headset input with its 2.5mm jack is the standard for most cell phone headsets which makes it profitable, as Xbox headset in itself becomes unnecessary. The combination of audio and text input device achieved through the Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) and Universal Audio Port which is advantageous to the players.

The Xbox Headset has inbuilt volume and mute buttons that make it easier to control the sounds. The connection to the headset is streamlined to the adapter at the bottom mount, thus reducing the complications of snagging wire to the self. This Xbox controller has official drivers available on the Microsoft website and has no need for troubleshooting as almost all PC games support these devices. This allows for a seamless gaming experience. Although some buttons might be squeaky in the beginning, they become sturdier gradually after use. The thumb sticks are provided with indentations that prevent slipping when you need to assassinate a ninja quickly. The buttons are identifiable and fitted with pressure springs that make it a pleasure to press them while gaming.

The Xbox 360 controller is automatically detected by the PC games when plugged in. Thus they do not require any extra setup. The controller also has a compact, ergonomic shape which is most comfortable to play with for hours, on the PC or Xbox 360. The vibration feedback is a new setup that gives you a most unforgettable gaming experience.


  • Comfortable and practical to use
  • Offered at a reasonable price
  • Light weight and less bulky
  • Compatible with any Windows system and other gaming consoles with drivers

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