Blue Snowball USB Gaming Microphone Review

Blue Snowball USB

The Blue Snowball USB gaming microphone is one of the best cheap microphones for gaming. The mic offers the best of both worlds in terms of its performance and budget and offers great studio-quality recording. The microphone’s compatibility with both Mackintosh and other PCs makes this one of the best gaming microphones.

The body of the mic comes in a retro design with a metal grille and an aluminum frame that gives it the feel of the olden-time microphones. The recording component holds true to its name in that; it is in the shape of a snowball with both front and back recording capabilities. This dual capsule design allows for both cardioid, and omnidirectional recording pattern and the state-of-the-art circuit design provides crisp and clean audio without any form of distortion and noise. Both the modes are useful for game session recordings and for communicating with your fellow teammates in the game.

The Blue Snowball offers gamers to toggle between three different recording settings. The cardioid mode records from a sound source that is directly in front of the mic and as such are suitable for podcasts, game chats and other voice works that require a full-bodied and intense audio. The cardioid mode also contains a -10 dB mode that can capture loud sounds with higher precision. The omnidirectional mode, on the other hand, records sound equally from all directions to capture the feel of the ambiance.

The mic comes with an adjustable tripod that helps to position the microphone to capture the sound in order to deliver the best quality audio. There is a LED indicator on the mic that glows red to show that the mic is powered and ready to use. The advantage of this microphone lies in its hassle-free setup. There is no need for additional drives and unnecessary complications. It is a simple connect-and-use mic with a minimum requirement of a 64 MB RAM.

  • Crisp quality sound capture
  • Three different recording patterns with easy toggle
  • Multitude of colors at affordable prices

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