Zadro Dual Sided LED Lighted Satin Nickel Mirror Review

Zadro Next Generation Cordless LED Vanity Mirror, 5X and 1X Magnification - Satin Nickel Finish

Just by its looks you’re probably already considering taking the Zadro Satin Nickel Dual Sided LED Lighted Mirror home with you, and we can’t blame you! This model looks exquisitely made, and the materials used are top quality. The two sides to the ‘dual’ nature of this mirror are in fact a ten times magnification and a regular 1 times magnification, both of which come with the ultra bright LED lighting. You can control the lights with the touch of a finger, so if it is too bright you can simply turn it down, and the bulbs are lifetime quality LED bulbs which will never fail on you. This model is best for home use, either somewhere in your bedroom or bathroom, or perhaps even your wardrobe would be a good place to hide it for when you need it. The whole mirror measures 11 x 55 x 17 inches, and this is a good size for getting most of your face in frame even when using the higher magnification. If you find that it doesn’t quite work for you, simply swivel the mirror for up to 360 degrees to get your preferred view. Zadro are a household brand when it comes to cosmetics, and we hope that they continue to bring out quality mirrors like this one.

Why we liked it: lifetime quality LED lighting is a great guarantee with a product this good looking, and it simply won’t fail to impress your friends and family when they ask you if they can use it. Being able to swivel the screen 360 degrees is important for a mounted mirror, so we were glad to find that this one hit the mark on that perfectly.


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