Mair Production Dimmable Magnification Bathroom Mirror Review

Makeup Mirror Lighted Dimmable 1X - 10X Magnification Mirror

With ten times magnification allows you to work comfortably without needing to lean in too much or hold the mirror right up to your nose. At 10 times magnification on the one side this mirror is quite good for any semi-professional looks you’re working on, and you can use the 1 times magnification on the reverse side if you want to see how you look in full frame. Mair guarantees that the mirror is at optical quality so that there is no distortion in the image, and this shows when you are using the 10x magnifier, because at times other poorer quality mirrors can lose clarity around the edges. The daylight spectrum fluorescent bulbs can give you a good view in just about any environment, whether you’re working in very low or shadowy light – this all depends on the natural light of your bathroom or bedroom. The lights are dimmable in order to suit the exact shade you need, so if you happen to be fed up with single setting models this would be a great way to get away from that problem.

Why we liked it: dimmable lights make the whole lighted mirror more manageable, and this will suit people who have a light sensitivity but still want to take advantage of the feature. The 180-degree swivel for switching between 10 and 1 times magnification is useful to quickly move between close-up and full frame view.


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