LED Lighted Folding Travel Mirror by Zadro Review

Zadro Next Generation LED Lighted Travel Mirror, Taupe Finish, 10X-1X

The next item on our list is another great product from the 30 year cosmetics veterans, Zadro. Being a travel mirror it is quite compact, but this doesn’t mean it is short on performance. This LED lighted folding travel mirror is powered by AAA batteries and can light up one or both of the mirrors depending on your needs. One down side to using batteries is their cost, but you can find rechargeable ones that somewhat reduce the inconvenience and long term costs. Because the lights in this model are LED instead of luminescent they use up to 70% less electricity, and they don’t burn hot to the touch. This is safer for you and your family if you take it with you on holidays and your daughters also use it. As a starter for make-up artist this vanity mirror would be perfect for trying out new looks, and you could even consider buying this as a gift for a friend.

Why we liked it: travel mirrors are very convenient and compact for your handbag, so they can be taken anywhere and give you the comfort of touching up your make-up on the go.

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