Jerdon JS811W 11″ Rectangular LED Vanity Mirror Review

Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch by 11-Inch Rectangular LED Lighted Vanity Mirror with 10x Magnification Spot Mirror, White Finish

You can never have too many options when it comes to travel accessories, and the Jerdon JS811W 11″ Rectangular LED Vanity Mirror is the perfect example. If you’ve seen our other travel mirrors on the list already you might know that they are all circular, and some of them even have stands, but this mirror is rectangular to give you a nice portrait reflection. It can stand on its own and does a great job for its size, which is perfect for taking on holiday, to the workplace or even just to a friend’s house in case of a wardrobe emergency. With the LED lighting you will experience a crisp, bright reflection that will show you exactly where to touch up or apply your next layer. Don’t worry – the lights are cool to the touch just for your safety, so there is no risk of injury or discomfort when using this lighted vanity mirror. Creating that perfect look isn’t easy, but with the 8 by 11 inch mirror you’ll be able to get every element of your make-up perfectly positioned, especially as there is a ten times magnification for those pesky little details. As if that wasn’t enough to convince us that this is a great product Jerdon includes a 1 year limited warranty on this product to sweeten the deal, which is a comforting fall back in case anything goes wrong.

Why we liked it: as a portrait mirror this product gives you a different feel than the typical circular vanity mirrors, which is a nice option for those who prefer this set up. The LED lighting is a good choice for this model because it provides nice consistent bright light without too much extra heat or energy loss. It can be taken on your travels and magnifies up to 10 times too – this little mirror has it all.

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