Impressions Vanity Hollywood Studio Bulb Mirror Review

Impressions Vanity Hollywood Studio Lighted Make-Up Vanity Back Stage Mirror, White, X-Large

This vanity mirror is a bit larger than the rest, but they do say that Hollywood style is always meant to be more impressive. It measures 32.5 inches high and 8 inches wide for a full portrait view, and it has 12 globe style bulbs arranged around the frame for that true Hollywood look. You can dim these lights if they start to seem too bright, or if they get in the way of putting on a certain shade of base, for example. This frame also has a bit of extra functionality, because it has two power outlets – one on each side – that you can use to plug in accessories such as a hair curler, hairdryer or a phone charger.

You can use this lighted vanity mirror on its own stand, or you can wall mount it if you want to add it to your existing dresser or bathroom. The Impressions Vanity Hollywood Studio Bulb Mirror will certainly be a piece that will stand out from your regular bathroom clutter, and brighten up the room.

Why we liked it: this mirror makes you feel like a superstar, and globe style lights that will brighten your face for the perfect shine. It will be a great addition to a modern décor and vibrant household. It also allows you to plug in extras when you need to, which no other vanity on this list does.


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