Floxite Home Travel Folding Lighted Cosmetic Bathroom Mirror Review

Home Travel 9X/1X Folding Lighted Cosmetic Mirror

Another little gem we’ve come across is the Home Travel Folding Lighted Cosmetic Bathroom Mirror by Floxite. We see this working well as a teen to young adult product because it would be ideal for women on the move. Often if you’re staying over at a friend’s house for a night out you’d want to have your own make-up kit neatly packed away in your travel bag just in case you decide to touch up or stay another night. Even if you don’t head out too often, this mirror is just as good for keeping on your dresser or on the bathroom sink. As we mentioned, this is a lighted mirror, and the bulbs are each 22 watt fluorescents that provide 100 watts of light overall.

They can be switched on and off with the switch on the base, and the overall energy usage of this compact vanity mirror is 110 volts. You can reverse the mirror to get a 9 times magnification on the reverse of the regular 1x magnification face of it. However, the most impressive feature to this little travel vanity mirror has got to be the fact that it has some storage compartments that can keep your make-up brushes, cleansing pads, and other small accessories. This makes the home travel vanity mirror ideal for taking along on trips, and as it is only 8 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches in height, so it really doesn’t take up too much space.

Why we liked it: not many mirrors can pull off both travel and home use well, but the Floxite model does it perfectly. It’s large enough to place in a bathroom or on a bedside table, but also compact enough to take with you when you need to do your makeup on the run.


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