Conair 3 Panel Beauty Mirror (Illumina Collection) Review

Illumina by Conair Collection Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 3 Panels and 4 Light Settings

Just off the middle of our range we have a rather original looking model called the Conair Illumina Collection 3 Panel Beauty Mirror that will certainly have you covered at every angle. This vanity mirror has lighting with four pre-set modes, including day, evening, office and home. We think this covers the need for ambient lighting quite well, and with the wide angle viewing we’re certain that the time spent in front of the mirror will be significantly reduced – as will your neck pain from previously having to bend every which way to see the make-up you’ve applied. If you’re a make-up artist this would be an amazing product to practice with, simply because of how convenient the side mirrors are for checking your lines and whether you’ve built up the cosmetics evenly. On the one mirror you have a 5 times magnification, and the other two are standard 1 times magnified for checking your cheeks and other angles. That means that you can do macro work where you need to, and then see how it looks at a regular distance just by turning your head (instead of flipping the mirror as with other models). If you’re looking to use this mirror for travelling it can pack up neatly and safely onto itself, folding the two extra side panels inward to prevent breakage in your bag. This is a really nice set of mirrors, and it really does speed up your routine.

Why we liked it: 3 panels are enough to cover your whole face when you’re applying make-up, and this will give you the opportunity to apply it as evenly as possible. This is a favourite for make-up artists in training, as well as the perfectionists among us who simply need the best view that they can get while they work.


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