The Anchor -THE ORIGINAL Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount Review

The Anchor - THE ORIGINAL Under-Desk

‘The Anchor’, is one the best stands that gives you the most value! Available at such a low price, one may doubt its ability to do its job. But, to be honest, it works like a charm! Quite simple to affix it under your workstation with the 3M adhesive pad, it enables you to hang not one but two headphones at a time.

The adhesive is rather stiff, and stable, and the stand itself is made from the silicone material that is long lasting, sturdy and gentle on your headphones. You can use it on all glass, steel and wooden surfaces with ease. Just be sure to cleanse the surface prior to sticking it on. The adhesive is SO strong, that it can take on over 40 pounds of weight! Think about all you can hang on the second hook of the anchor.

A quality anchor shaped stand, made from the soft silicone, so as not to damage your headphone. This one provides you with the most value and at a good price compared to the others in the category. The adhesion is surprisingly strong and make it well suited for taking on over 40 pounds of weight at a time!

  • Guaranteed to be defect-free.
  • High quality.
  • Low priced.
  • Soft silicone material.

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