ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, ZT-P10800A-10P 8GB Review

ZOTAC GTX 1080 Founders Edition


Nvidia’s ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 is the most advanced GPU designed for the purpose of gaming. Similar to the 1070 series, the GTX 1080 series is also based on the PASCAL architecture. The 1080 supports ultra-fast FinFET and high bandwidth with GDDR5 technology. The Nvidia also supports DirectX 12 features that provide fast, smooth and power-efficient performances. It gives you the power to drive VR and ultra-high performance.

The Nvidia allows you to turn the LED off and thus makes customization possible. Also, the card runs quietly and smoothly without overclocking. The product is shipped with eight pairs of pins. For cooling, it has a huge heat sink which results in the fans being off till the time temperature reaches 40-degree Celsius and the fans are very quiet. To remove the heat, it uses a real vapour chamber solution. The vapour chamber is a small module attached the PCB with four screws and positioned over the package. The Nvidia GTX provides massive fps improvements for lower power and greater performance. It is nearly 13 inches long and 2.5 slots wide and therefore weighs a lot. It can run games at maxed settings at 4K with 60fps. Playing intense games also doesn’t lead to overheating.

There has been a shrinking in transistor sizes that represents a two-generation gap, this leads to a massive increase in performance. It has 25 percent more CUDA cores, texture units and ROPS and just requires one lone eight pin connector to power it. The Nvidia exceeds expectations in every way. New technologies like Simultaneous Multi-Projection, Lens-Matched Shading and Single-Pass Stereo, the card can render scenes from multiple viewpoints simultaneously.

The tagline “The new king” shows that the 1080 Founders Edition is here to stay with its all new Pascal architecture.


  • Overclocks nicely
  • Supports ultra-fast FinFET and high bandwidth with GDDR5 technology
  • DirectX 12 for an efficient performance
  • 1080p

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