XFX RX-480P8LFB6 RADEON 8GB GDDR5 1288MHZ Triple X Graphics Cards Review


One of the best available on the market is the XFX RX-480P8LFB6 RADEON 8GB GDDR5 TRUE OC 1288MHZ Triple X. This has an AMD Radeon AX 480 chipset. The video memory of this incredible product is 8GB gddr5. It has a maximum resolution 4096 x 2160. It supports 6 x display monitors. The Radeon has a 500-watt system power supply requirement for it to function.

It is accompanied by a single PCEi adapter, a driver CD and a manual which covers installing the all the different types. The booklet is not specific to these particular graphic cards but to all in general. The XFX logo adds a nice touch to the back plate. The Radeon is appealing to the eye, well-built and also has a back plate. The overwatch version provides you with 65-70 fps maxed out on Ultra. Using these cards, it is possible to max out all games at 1080p. It is also capable of playing games at 4k at medium to high settings. It runs superbly with Windows 10 giving you frame rates in Doom of over 100 fps at Ultra settings at 1440p. As regards the cooling fans, it runs silently without making any noise. The graphic cards have a swappable fan design.

It functions well when paired with the correct kind of CPU. The copper tubing helps keep the cards cool and the factory overclock makes it amazingly stable. It is your best bet for updating your GPU at a low price. It comes with 3DPs and 1 HDMI. It works best on Intel platforms. It is a budget product that provides a solid performance level. It also has AMD Radeon reLive software that allows you to adjust the fan throttle and boost and memory speed per game pre-sets, or custom profiles, or even auto mode. The AMD RX 480 can be powered through a single 6-pin PCIe power connector with a maximum energy consumption of 150 watts.


  • Up to 100 fps
  • Can handle games in 4K resolution
  • AMD RX 480 Chipset
  • Low power consumption

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