You do not need an expensive product to enjoy your gaming experience to its maximum capability. There are several budget-friendly ones for gaming available in the market that are suitable for e-sports. The XFX RADEON RX 460 offers the perfect solution to attain the best frame rates and high-performance capabilities, at a resolution 1080p, and is one of the best budget video cards available in the market for 2018.

The XFX RADEON RX 460 is one the latest offered by AMD with a 4th generation GCN architecture, and Vulkan cross-platform that provide high-efficiency and complete control over the acceleration of its operation. The Radeon by AMD houses 896 stream processors that use a 1220 MHz core clock, with a 7000 MHz memory clock. Hardware controls the clock speeds, and this ensures that they function at peak performance levels without the strain of heavy loads.

The Radeon by AMD comes in a traditional full-length style that offers good use. It houses a pair of fans, both mid-sized, and situated atop an aluminium heat sink. The fans offer speed control, that is, they can be sped up or down depending on the load on the GPU, and can almost reach a near silent state that offers a seamless gaming experience when playing small load games. They are easily replaceable making it an economical option.

One thing that all gamers hate is their game stuttering and glitching out on them. The XFX RADEON by AMD utilises FreeSync technology that works at the speed of your game to provide a liquid and smooth cinematic experience without any compromise, and at any frame rate available. It also houses an exclusive GCN and CrossFire technology that provides breath-taking clarity, with immersive virtual reality capabilities, all at a lower power consumption.

The performance of the GPU is heightened by the use of the latest FinFET 14 process technology. This combined with the AMD chip in the Radeon 4GB, leads to a near silent GPU with advanced overclocking capabilities. The Polaris architecture has augmented the number of transistors within a tiny space to provide better processing power, frame rate target control, and power efficiency, enabling a higher peak performance than the previous generations. This architecture supports the latest display connections with HDMI, DisplayPort 1.3 for compatibility with the new generation equipment.

All the new products are gearing up for the virtual reality gaming experience, and the XFX RADEON is no different. Equipped with AMD LiquidVR technology that is available on several head mounts, this one is compatible with most of the headsets and offers a rich and immersive virtual experience, with operating ability and comfort as its top priority.

  • Offers high frame rates at 1080p resolution
  • Peak performance at an affordable price
  • Provides immersive VR capabilities
  • AMD LiquidVT Technology

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