Sapphire Radeon FLEX R7 250X 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Review

Sapphire Radeon FLEX R7 250X


Of all the video cards available in the market, the Sapphire Radeon is a standout. With an inbuilt RAM of 1GB and an AMD graphic coprocessor, the gaming video card manages in ensure a decent gameplay experience. This one features the highly acclaimed GCN optimised visual processing architecture. This very well priced and has 1200MHz of memory clock speed, for greater and uninterrupted gameplay.

This is a top notch and cheap product that is available in the market at a very minimal rate. And for the price you pay, this product provides you with almost everything that you look for in a great gaming card. The 250X has the quadrupling capabilities of the GDDR5 variety along with the effectual rate of about 5.4 GHz. The Sapphire gives a memory bandwidth of 72GB per second, which is quite a remarkable for the price.

The 250X comes with 40 texture units which improves the operation, and gives it an upper hand on the other products available in the market at this price range. Yet another great feature is the number of stream processors. There are 640 stream processors in the Sapphire Radeon. The Display Port outlet gives a lot of options for connectivity, which equals great versatility.


  • Best budget product on the market
  • Fastest at this price range
  • 40 texture units
  • AMD Graphic processor

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