MSI GAMING GTX 960 4GB OC Graphics Card Review


All gamers out there looking to improve their overall experience and get bang for your buck, look no further than the GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G. It is the ultimate gaming platform and one of the best gaming video cards around. It offers you all the great operational features without breaking the bank. The future of gaming lies in VR technology, and the MSI GeForce GTX is virtual reality ready with an 1140MHz core clock, a 7010MHz memory clock, and a 4 GB memory run with 1664 processors.

The MSI GTX 960 is made from Military Class 4 components that are MIL-STD-810G certified and can handle the gruelling circumstances of gaming and overclocking. The overall thermal footprint exuded is reduced with the help of MSI’s Hi-c CAPS. These are tiny capacitors that are adept at dissipating heat in order to provide maximum efficiency at 93%, and allow the insertion of heat sinks to reduce the rise in temperature during a long gaming session. The cards are made with a super ferrite core that not only enables it to run at a 30% higher current capacity, but also stabilises the GPU during overclocking by running at a 35-degree Celsius (95 F) lower temperature. This coupled with the aluminium core design helps to improve the longevity.

The secret lies in its cooling ability. MSI with the Twin FROZR V fan system that utilises two TORX fans to maintain the temperature, has really lifted the bar. The fans contain two sets of blades, one is a traditional fan blade that diverts the airflow downwards towards the massive heat sinks under them, and then we have the dispersion fan blades that have a higher air intake for better heat dissipation. This dispersion blade has 19% more airflow without significant drag and is with near silent operation. The Zero FROZR V thermal technology controls the fan during low load situations to remove any sound distractions when gaming.

All these features come packaged in a magnificent body with an eye-catching black and red colour theme. There is also a glowing LED illuminated MSI Gaming Dragon that lights up in five different settings to set the mood and ambience.

The MSI GTX 970 has a variety of modes that have their own advantages. The OC mode offers maximum performance, with higher clock speed and fan control. The gaming mode which is set as the default mode, offers the best gaming experience with increased colour contrast and intensity. The movie mode adjusts the colour contrast and gamma ratios for the best viewing experience, and finally, the silent mode provides near silent operation of the GPU.

  • Higher fan control for near silent gaming
  • Virtual reality ready
  • High performance offered by NVIDIA chipset

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