Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 High Performance GPU Review

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080

Despite having a plain and rather simple look, the functions of the card compensates for what it lacks on the outside. The GTX 1080 is also very affordable.

Nvidia, as usual, succeeds to impress us with incredible performance and increased power efficiency. Nvidia’s Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 High-Performance GPU is based on the Pascal architecture. The graphic card has been designed meticulously to improve energy efficiency, with the help of a silicon fab node. Apart from this, it is also leveraging the 16nm FinFet node for “Pascal”. It features more CUDA cores than its predecessor – 2560 vs. 2048 and also features more TMUs at 8GB which is double the memory. The memory technology of the Nvidia GTX 1080 sees major changes with the adoption of GDDR5X memory standard. The memory is clocked at 10 GHz which gives the memory great bandwidth.

The Nvidia GTX has a height of 7.9cms and a total width of 22.6cms. The video card also weighs about 1.4kg making it a little bulky. It presents a RAM size of 8000GB and comes with a manual that provides installation instructions. The maximum digital resolution of the Nvidia GTX provided by this card is 7680 x 4320 at the rate of 60Hz. Novice gamers need to note that they need to own a CPU that is compatible with the features of this GPU to avoid the bottleneck. Novice gamers must also take care that they choose a case that has good ventilation and space for air to move out, in order to make sure that the heat dissipates. It runs at about 60-75 degree Celsius if air flow provided is good.

This Nvidia GTX is capable of running almost all games at 4K 60fps with high settings, and AA turned off or low settings. The card has an eight-pin connector and consumes up to 180 watts or a maximum of 250 watts. When it comes to temperature, it reaches a maximum of 70-degree Celsius while it is on full load with overclocked settings. It is 1080p on ultra as well as 1440p on ultra. To achieve 4K 60fps, one must tweak and meddle with settings. The LED is also fully controllable and adjustable. The simple black back plate with a white Gigabyte logo adds to the look.

  • Works well in 2-way SLI
  • Easy to setup
  • Silicon fab node to improve energy efficiency
  • 1080p

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