ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX Graphics Card Review


With a view to raising the standards of pre-generation performance as well as energy gains, Nvidia presents the ASUS GeForce GTX 1081 ROG STRIX. Like the other 1080 cards, the Nvidia ASUS GeForce GTX also makes use of Pascal architecture. The Pascal architecture is based on streaming multiprocessors (SMs), indivisible subunits helps improve its performance. ASUS is a pro at building great quality video cards and a leader in the field. The STRIX line of products is now associated with swanky gamers. This has been indicated by the change in colour combination, from red and black to subtle grey and black palette. Another cool feature is the cooler shroud that has accented angular outcroppings. A full spectrum of LEDs illuminates the logo as well. ASUS has added a pair of four-pin fan headers that helps the system fans to respond to temperature fluctuations.

The Nvidia ASUS doesn’t include a breakout box for VR hardware, but it is VR friendly. ASUS has exchanged its DisplayPorts with an HDMI 2.0, which works for those who want to use their VR in real time. ASUS also uses a new version DirectCU cooler that uses five copper heat pipes. Better cooling leads to better overclocking, and quieter operation stops the hideous sounds made during the launch of a game. Although it is not the cheapest around, it is the best. An extra six pin power connector has been added to the eight pin socket to help in some intense overclocking.

ASUS has attempted to work on a near perfect cooling system and has added some new additions, such as fan headers on the board, which can be connected to the standard fans. The card can then use these to boost airflow. All overclocking parameters can be handled manually in order to improve the performance.


  • Excellent Performance; great for high-end FPS games
  • DirectCU coolers for efficient cooling
  • Fantastic design and LEDs
  • 1080p

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