Razer Ferox Mobile PC Gaming Speakers Review

Razer Ferox Mobile

Razer is one of the best and biggest names in gaming and gaming laptops. They know that even their magnificent gaming machines can use a sound boost when gaming on the go. These speakers may be small but they deliver enough sound to keep a mobile gamer happy.

The built in 470 mAh battery is rated to give you sound for up to 8 hours and is easily recharged using the supplied USB cable. They produce very low output, but then you can’t toss any of those that over higher input into your backpack and use them wherever you are! The speakers are designed to produce sound in 360 degrees instead of the standard front-facing stereo output. This means that they don’t have to be placed facing in a specific direction to be heard. They work well in a small space and can be used with your favorite game – or your jams!

The speakers glow with a green light whilst in use and the light is also used to indicate battery status – it turns red when the batteries are low, glows blue when charged and flashes whilst charging.

  • Built in battery for mobility
  • Great build
  • Handy carry pouch
  • Low price

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