Patriot Viper Elite 16GB Powerful DDR4 Ram for Gaming Review

Viper Elite Series DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3000MHz Kit

Yet another 16GB DDR4 RAM that strives for perfection when it comes to playing excellence. The Patriot’s Viper has been designed specifically with the mindset of providing a gaming module that can offer a fully loaded performance. It has manufactured to be compatible with all the latest 100 series Intel platforms and is a step towards a more refined experience with consistent stability even in the most crucial playing environments.

It has been equipped with a fully covered, well-tested heat shield that has the capacity to provide superior heat dissipation that improves gameplay even when the most exhaustive applications are running. The Patriot’s Viper Elite series has been built with materials of the highest quality and has been hand tested as well as validated in order to ensure full compatibility with any system.

  • Available in the colour red, blue and grey
  • Reasonably power consumption
  • Has a range of 2800MHz to 3200MHz

The reason why it is one of the best 16GB memory modules inculcates both experience and excellence that Patriot has to offer. Back when the company was founded in 1985, it had the ambition of excelling as a manufacturer of high performance.

When it comes to memory modules, it has always been a trusted brand for gamers of all levels. Patriot’s latest addition the Viper Elite DDR4 is the most affordable module yet in the Viper series. They can be trusted to provide speeds that range from 2133MHz all the way till 3200 MHz and are available in several expansions.

Its 16GB module is available in the colours red, blue and grey, offered in a quad channel kit. It is very efficient and indulges in the fair use of electricity with a power intake as low as 1.2V and 1.35V at the maximum level, perfect when you are looking to lower your electricity bill.

The Viper is specifically designed to be an affordable, efficient memory module that also carries the assurance of Patriot’s quality. Patriot’s Viper is certainly a predator in the gaming arena with all you need to make sure your set up is top notch. It has been hand tested to compete with any level of DDR4 speed.

  • Available in the color red, blue and grey
  • Reasonably power consumption
  • Rated at 2400MHz
  • 16GB performance kit
  • DDR4 for best results

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