Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB High Performance DDR3 PC Ram Review

Ballistix Tactical 16GB Kit 8GBx2 DDR3

The Crucial Ballistix Tactical Gaming RAM is not the one for false façade. The gaming memory module is very simple in nature (not technically), but you will get what you expected. There will be no over-narrated description of the product that does not match its performance. The Ballistix used to provide their gaming Pc RAM in blister packages which some users found it quite annoying.

You had to search for a pair of scissors to cut around the package. However, now they wrap their products in a crush-rivet package which is not the best as it cannot be resealed but, still better than before. The simple yellow colour theme of the Crucial Ballistix Tactical goes amazingly well with all types of gaming assets. The basic labelling on the kit and the heatsink design on it makes the Tactical series stand out from other Crucial products.

  • The enhanced heat spreader works quite well
  • Supreme quality DRAM which is extremely reliable

The latency of the Crucial Ballsitix Tactical gaming RAM is 8-8-8-24. Trying for latency lower than this with such exceptional price is unfair. The latency is quite worth the price and one could not ask for anything better. As for frequency overclocking, with loosened timings at 8-9-8-26, and the voltage at 1.5, the Pc RAM was able to run at 1866MHz. The result may vary from kilt to kilt.

However, this is the very best it could do. The results were a bit surprising, the speed of the Tactical series was not what one could expect but definitely better.The Elite series by Crucial is made for the more extreme users. However, The Ballistix Tactical series are used for the general gamers and or enthusiasts looking for great speed performance. When inspecting the gaming Pc memory module closely, you will find that it is a PC3-12800 kit.

This indicates that the default speed of the Pc RAM is 1600MHz. This is a dual kit with 4 GB each which sums it up to an 8 GB kit. Standing out with all of its amazing features, the Crucial Ballistix Tactical manages to grab gamers’ attention. The high-end performance and solid units make it a smooth working gaming RAM which is highly recommended by anyone who uses it.

  • The enhanced heat spreader works quite well
  • Supreme quality RAM which is extremely reliable
  • Non-ECC, un-buffered
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • High performance attributes

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