SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Review

SteelSeries QcK XXL

The SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad is composed of soft high-quality cloth and a no-slip rubber underside to make sure that you never loose accuracy and precision when gaming. This is one of the best and largest pads on the market measuring nearly three feet. You can rest your arms comfortably, along with any other gaming peripherals you might have. It is desk size, so your keyboard and even your monitor will fit comfortably on this pad. It is 4mm thick, so is soft and forgiving for when you get a little excited and slam your mouse down during high intensity gaming sessions.

Professionally tested by gamers, this pad has everything you need to enhance your gaming experience to the max. The surface is perfect for you to move your mouse around allowing for a smooth glide. A critically acclaimed pad that will take your gaming to the next level in terms of accuracy and precision. The QcK XXL’s non slip underside will ensure that no matter how fast or jerky your movements are, it will not move and you will still get the precision you need to defeat any opponent.

Tried and tested with many outstanding reviews by avid gamers, this is one of the best gaming mouse pads your will find.

  • 3 feet in length
  • Smooth surface for steady movement
  • 4mm thick
  • No-slip underside

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