Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat XXL Review

Glorious Extended XXL

Another oversized pad that has room not only for your mouse, but your keyboard too. This product reduces noise and movement of your keyboard, and also improves your typing. Even with your keyboard firmly in place on the pad, there is plenty of room to operate your mouse with ease.

This is the second largest mouse mat on the market, with the first being reviewed here earlier. It is one of the best for people who require large gaming areas. The smooth surface of this mat will allow you to move your mouse at lightning speed, while still maintaining a firm control over it. The non-slip underside makes sure that the pad does not move while in use. Anti-fraying stitching on the frame ensures that your pad will not fray and increases the lifespan, which is great considering the price you pay.

As always, you run the risk of accidents happening while you are working or playing on your computer. To aid you in keeping your mouse pad always being at its best, with no debris floating around that could influence the performance of your mouse, the Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat XXL is machine washable. The manufacturers of the Glorious Extended are so convinced their mouse pad is durable and won’t cause you a moments trouble, they offer a replacement within one year from date of purchase free of charge should you experience any issues with the quality of this mat.

  • Can accommodate keyboard and mouse
  • Smooth surface
  • Non-slip base
  • Anti-fray stitching on the sides

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