Dechanic XXL Heavy Speed Soft Gaming Mouse Mat Review

Dechanic XXL

The Dechanic XXL is a heavy product that has a thickness of 6mm which is comfortable and will help avert hand fatigue during long gaming or work sessions. This kind of mat is best to use if you are working on an uneven surface as the heaviness and thickness of the mat helps to even the surface out.

The Dechanic has a rigid smooth weave that allows for speed as well as accuracy and precision. The mat will give you reliable in-game control and tracking responsiveness, while the non-slip rubber base ensures great grip and prevents movement of the mat. Anti-faying stitched frame ensures for a longer lifespan as well as keeping your mat looking good over time.

  • Anti-fraying stitched edging
  • Non-slip base
  • Rigid smooth weave
  • 6mm thick

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