GIGABYTE GA-Z270X-UD3 LGA1151 Intel Z270 2-Way SLI ATX DDR4 Motherboard Review

GIGABYTE Motherboard

The heavy-duty gamers who clock-in hours of gaming time know there is nothing worse than an overheated system. To combat this issue, Gigabyte has released it GA-Z270X-UD3 (rev. 1.0) that houses a Smart Fan 5 feature that will allow the user to interchange the header of the fans to match the different temperature of the various components on the motherboard.

The Smart Fan 5 allows the board to maintain a level temperature and thus enabling the system to reach its maximum potential. This hybrid fan system is interchangeable with other fan headers to obtain optimum cooling. The 6 temperature sensors and the 4 hybrid fan headers offer the solution to the overheating problem that many systems face. There are controls to adjust the speed of the fan from quiet to the full-on mode, and any changes and adjustments in its settings can be done using the intuitive GUI.

The main function of the motherboard lies in its storage capacity and its data transfer speed. For storage, the GIGABYTE M.2 offers a Fast Onboard Storage with NVMe PCle Gen3 x4 110mm M.2 that can store up to 32 GB/s and supports other PCle and SATA interfaces. The ASMEDIA 2142 USB 3.1 utilises the 2 PCle Gen3 lanes to provide a transfer speed of 16 GB/s. This opens up the bandwidth to achieve another 10 GB/s on the USB ports. The board also offers a backwards compatibility with previous generations for connection with a broad range of devices.

The BIOS interface of the motherboard helps for fine-tuning of the various settings, including the regulation of the fan headers and temperature settings. The board also has a high-quality audio output. The ALC1220 is a multi-channel Definition Audio Codec that produces crystal clear sound and provides the best possible experience for the user. It has key features such as the Smart Headphone Amp, 114dB SNR that auto detects the impedance of your headphones to determine the best possible sound with the least noise distortion. The high-end capacitors also help to bring realistic sound effects for the listening pleasure of the user.

The motherboard offers the end user with a 2-Way SLI/ 3-Way CrossFire Multi-Graphics that offers the user with the best graphic performance for the gaming enthusiasts at a high frame rate without settling for a mediocre resolution.

The overall design is durable with anti-sulphur resistant components to reduce damage by harmful sulphur compounds. The system BIOS interface is user-friendly and provides with easy access to most of the settings without having to log onto the computer. The design is connected by 2x Copper PCBs that help to endure loads during overclocking all the while maintaining the performance level. So, for the work-centric user, this is the go to the motherboard to meet all your gaming and processing requirements.

  • Budget friendly with a more consumer- oriented market
  • It is compatible with all sorts of PC’s
  • The BIOS is user-friendly with many functions.

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