ASRock Motherboard Micro ATX Review

ASRock Motherboards

Whether you are gunning down airships or holding a fort against enemy fire, nothing can bring down the atmosphere like when your game freezes out on you. You can buy the state of the art graphic cards and audio cards, but that has nothing on the sheer performance capabilities and features of a gaming motherboard. The Super Alloy H170M PRO4 series motherboard by ASRock is one of the best gaming motherboards of 2016. This series takes the protection of the components against static and water damage as a top priority by providing an I/O armour and a high-density glass fibre PCB design. The Full Spike Protection feature shields the sensitive parts against power surges and prolongs the durability. The orange accents across the body add an aesthetic appeal to the board.

The CPU is the heart of the computer, and this board supports both 7th and 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron® Processors (Socket 1151). The Digi Power VRM design coupled with the 6 Power Phase design used by this board not only distributes the voltage to the CPU with efficiency and also enhances the execution of strenuous computing tasks and stabilises the lifespan.

Along with bumping up performance capabilities, the ASRock uses a dual channel DDR4 memory technology that offers overclocking potential to Non-Z OC users and boosts the memory performance by 5%. There are 4 DIMM slots with a maximum system capacity of 64 GB when it is run on a Windows 64-bit OS with a 64-bit CPU.

For ensuring data transfer speeds of optimum level, the motherboard houses PCIe Gen3 x 4 Ultra M.2 interfaces that are capable of reaching data transfer rates of 32 GB/s. The PCle slots on the board support a wide range of graphic cards from the ordinary to the professional NVIDIA® Quadro and AMD FirePro workstation graphics solutions. For those looking for heavy duty output ports, it offers four slots to connect all your monitors at once and play on several stations. It also supports major of the graphical output formats such as DVI-D, HDMI, and DisplayPort. To heighten the experience of the gamers, the motherboard even offers a high-quality audio with ELNA audio caps that drastically reduce noise with a bare 3uA leakage. This coupled with the high-rate graphic cards help to amplify the gaming escapade of the end-user.




  • The I/O panel caters to a wide variety of ports both old and new.
  • The design is sleek with durable alloy for protection.
  • Overclocking gives a slight performance gain that can be tweaked even further.

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