DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard Review

DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit

The new and best gaming keyboard in the market, a keyboard with user-friendly features and the coolest looks, is none other than the DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard. With a price that cannot be anything but a bargain, this keyboard is the best and brightest within its genre.

Classified as real gamer’s equipment, hardcore gamers may connect this keyboard to any personal computer and have it working perfectly. Noiseless and attractive, this keyboard can be backlit in three distinct LED colours, namely red, indigo blue and magenta, in that order. It can be made to stand at an angle, using two flaps on the back of the keyboard, but can also lie flat by pushing these flaps in.

The keys of this keyboard are protected by plastic underneath them, which is made to shield the keys and nullify additional pressure applied on them by heavy-handed gamers. This helps increase the durability and longevity of the keyboard in itself. It is easy to operate with a USB plug and play with no driver required

Having a splash-proof design, as well as resistance to water and dust, it has tactile bump feedback and letters are protected against rubbing off by being embedded in clear plastic. Its backlighting purposes are served by this as well. The LED lighting can be decreased and increased in intensity and can be turned off as well. It contains one hundred and four keys, with nineteen non-conflict keys with removable key caps and a strengthened space bar.

  • Attractive backlighting in three colours of LED
  • Specially designed keys for durability and a professional gamer feel
  • Affordable cost
  • Waterproof design
  • User-friendly and comfortable to operate

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