Turtle Beach X12 USB Headphones for Xbox & PC Gaming Review

Turtle Beach X12

The Turtle Beach X12 is a fun item, with audio, movie and cloud based communications platforms forming the core of its key competencies. It features amazing in game sound and crystal clear communication capabilities. Comfort is there as well, with super soft pads and a padded headband. The speaker drivers are 50mm in diameter, and pack a serious punch for anyone looking to experience in game sound that is highly defined and boosted in the bas department.

It is made from injection molded plastic and is therefore both durable and lightweight. The inline amplifier ensures that your music and game audio will thunder through with tremendous volume, or whisper quiet ambience, depending on your mood and requirements. Versatility is what this is all about.

Compatibility is high up on the Turtle Beach’s priority list, with console connectivity and PC adaption both easily achieved via the unit’s USB port. The microphone is supersensitive, and is monitored via a real time monitoring system. This means that there is zero lag between the time that you speak into the microphone to the time that you hear it in your in ear speakers. When this latency occurs in other systems it can really be quite jarring and disorientated for the person speaking, so this is a great feature to have.

Surround sound is achieved via a 7.1 system, giving a superior depth of field to the sound and audio aspects of your games. Hearing enemy footsteps and being able to gauge their distance can mean the difference between winning a match and suffering a humiliating loss. Movies and music sound fuller, and sound engineers will delight at the in depth layering that can be heard with complex audio mixes.

This is a great all round, wired headphone set that has more than acceptable voice capabilities. For those that enjoy playing games, movies and music on a casual basis, this is an excellent option that won’t break the bank. But for those that are looking to get a little extra space between themselves and their display such as a TV or computer screen, then a wireless option might be worth looking at as well.

  • Amplified audio
  • Inline amplifier
  • Variable bass boost
  • Microphone in ear monitor
  • USB powered

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