ASTRO Gaming Neon A40 Computer Gaming Headset Review

ASTRO Neon A40

The Astro Neon A40 Computer Headset is aimed squarely at the enthusiast and game sector, with music lovers and content creators also being catered for. Headsets like the Astro Neon A40 are normally quite bulky and sometimes a little on the heavier side, but this appears to not be the case here. This product was developed in conjunction with esports athletes to create a product that is both competitively designed and comfortable to wear.

Unique to our round up so far, the headset has an open back with interchangeable microphone and headphone tag system. This allows for gamers to customize their setup to match their mood or their style. This is useful for when your clan needs to match their color scheme during competitive play, or you would like to accentuate your rig’s RGB color scheme, your options are many.

The mod kits that are available will allow gamers to transform the open backed speaker system into a sound isolated listening experience, perfect for tournament or LAN party environments where ambient noise really kills the audio of your headphones. The unit has been customized so that it fits perfectly with VR units such as Oculus Rift, PS VR and the HTC Vive. This is an excellent way to experience VR than with this powerful personal audio solution.

EQ equalization is handled with 4 presets and there is also integrated surround sound and echo cancellation to make your game experience that much more advanced. There is a mute function as well, which lets you control the action both in and out of the game. The Astro Neon series is also the official hardware release of Call of Duty, which is the leading console based esports title on the competitive circuit globally.

So there we have it, this is a purpose built Xbox One peripheral with some decent features and excellent build materials. If you are an avid Xbox gamer then this could be the device of choice for you, but if not then you might be better off looking at one of the more generic offerings that offers more connectivity options for you, but at a higher price.

  • Tag customizer
  • High quality finishing materials
  • Interchangeable audio cable
  • Astro Audio System
  • Enclosed ear pockets

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