Vayper Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses Review

Vayper Light weight

Vayper Computer gaming glasses are made by Gunnar Optiks, so you know that you have a high quality product when you decide to buy yourself a pair. These also feature an amber set of lenses, and these are great at filtering out blue light as well as UV radiation from the sun and other UV sources.

Blue light can cause issues with your eyes, such as cataracts, macular disintegration and eyestrain, so the amber color of these lenses really seems to offer great protection and benefits. Headaches also seem to be more manageable for those that suffer with this malady. Eye strain is also avoided by using these gaming glasses, and the overall benefits seem to be quite impressive.

Styling is very similar to Gunnar Optiks’ other gaming glasses products, but the aesthetics seem to work well for this particular iteration of their gaming glasses range. These glasses feature a slight magnification of around 0.2, which may not sound like an awful lot at first, but when one considers how much magnification is required to prevent eyestrain then it makes sense.

Over all this is a good pair of glasses, with good build quality and decent color options. The weight and strength of these glasses also give it a high quality feel, so you won’t be extremely worried if you accidentally drop them or sit on them. They are also FDA approved and provide ample protection from artificial light sources such as TVs, LCD screens, tablets and cell phones.

  • Good eye protection
  • Patented lens technology
  • Blocks 65% of harmful light
  • Focuses with 0.2 magnification
  • Light weight

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