PPK Anti-Glare Computer Glasses Review

PPK Anti-glare

The next product on our list is the PPK computer glasses, which feature anti-glare technology in the glass. These glasses help you to protect your eyes from blue light that is emitted from the displays of your electronic equipment, such as TVs, LCDs, phones and tablets, to name but a few. These displays have been shown to cause accumulated damage to the eye’s retina, cataracts, sleep disorders and even macular degeneration, which is a high price to pay for gaming.

Another benefit that the PPK computer glasses give gamers is the fact that they also block out harmful UV light, and blue lighting from the environment as well. These glasses can help to prevent short-term macular and cataract degeneration, cataracts and the reduction of the process within the body that reduce melatonin production.

A great side effect of all of these filters is that your brain benefits from not having its circadian rhythm interrupted through artificial blue sky wave lengths of light. Reducing eye strain is another fantastic side effect that can be expected from wearing this great eye protective solution. This also minimizes headaches and dry eye occurrences, and eye fatigue. The amber anti contrast coatings are patented and give the wearer a focus power of 0.20.

The PPK computer glasses are really comfortable to wear, providing style as well as easy to wear eye accessories. They have been ergonomically designed to fit your face and head with a sturdy and strong frame that holds everything together. In addition to the excellent build quality and strong materials that have been employed during the construction of this eyewear is the fact that they are FDA approved.


  • Protects your vision
  • Blocks Blue Light
  • Leads to better sleep
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Comfortable

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