Micron Computer Glasses Review

Micron Anti-Glare

When you are gaming for hours and hours, it is important to provide your eyes with sufficient protection. This is normally in the form of regular and sufficient breaks, but when you are playing competitively, or even professionally, then taking a break is not always an option. That is where a product like the Micron Computer Glasses unit can help you to get back in the game.

Filtering out specific wave lengths of light can enhance your gaming experience by giving you a better contrast on the screen. It also filters out intense blue light, which can affect your circadian rhythm, a system within your body that regulates key functions like sleep patterns. Blocking out harsh glare and reflective light also helps to protect your eyes, reducing eye strain and in the long run it can also help to prevent macular degeneration and damage to the eye.

The gaming benefits of this product is apparent, they offer a lightweight and robust viewing solution that not only protects the eyes, but also offers a level of magnification that will help players focus on the on-screen action. The focus solution is a patented 0.20 magnification, and this has been found to produce just the right amount of image enlargement for gamers to perform at their best.

The frame of these gamer shades is light weight as well, and they feature a traditional shape that resemble sunglasses in quite a few respects. They are FDA approved, which means that you can rest assured knowing that these gaming goggles have passed some meaningful certification testing, and are therefore safe for you to use.

  • Protects your eyes
  • Block blue light
  • Get better sleep
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Comfortable

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