Intercept Computer Gaming Glasses Review

Intercept Anit-Glare


This next model from Intercept is their take on the gaming eyewear concept with their computer gaming glasses offering. It is said to protect the player’s eyes from intensive energy blue light spectrum light waves that are emitted by electronic video display devices such as TVs, tablets and cell phones. This spectrum of light has been shown to damage the retina and macular degeneration, both of which will cause damage to a player’s eyesight over longer periods of time. The cost of these Intercept products is a small price to pay then, if one considers the value of one’s eyesight.

The filter of the lens material blocks up to 65% of blue light, and 100% of UV light as well. This kind of filtration can help to prevent cataracts and other long term ailments of the eye. Another benefit of blocking blue light, as we have seen with other examples of gaming eye protection, is that it can help gamers to get a better night’s sleep. This is because blue light interferes with human’s natural circadian rhythm and can disrupt the sleep cycle.

Another great benefit is the eye strain reduction that comes as a result of using the minimally magnified lens solution, which also means that gamers will be able to play their favorite PC and console games for longer without needing to take a break.

The frame of the gaming glasses is very comfortable, and it also offers great protection to your eyes as well. The frame materials fit ergonomically with the user’s face, which provides a comfortable fit. The style of these glasses is a little on the square side, but many people will enjoy this traditionally shaped pair of glasses, so it comes down to your own personal preference on whether or not the Intercept offering is the preferred gaming glasses choice for you.

  • Blocks blue light
  • Anti-glare
  • Minimizes eye strain
  • Helps gamers to target better
  • Helps with sleep

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