Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601 MLG Gaming Glasses Review

Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601 MLG

Glare from your video gaming screen can cause damage to your eyes over long periods of time, especially if you find your gaming sessions carry on late into the night on a regular basis. The contrast between the darkness of the background and the brightness of your video display can create eye strain, with leads to headaches, dry and scratchy sclera and can affect ones vision.

The Gunnar Optiks hope to prevent this with its patented eye lens technology. The amber tint of the glass is said to improve gaming accuracy, precision and performance by creating excellent viewing clarity. The frame of these glasses is very slim and light, which allows for your gaming headset to still fit over the top of your gaming glasses.

Harmful light is filtered out by the amber tint of the Gunnar Optiks, and allows gamers to engage in all out interaction action for much longer periods of time without needing to take break. The extra light frame and high quality frame construction creates an unparalleled viewing platform for gamers.

There is a silicone nose pad on this Gunnar product that has been designed to create a more stable resting position of the glasses on the bridge of the nose, which provides an optimal focus angle for players that are looking to up their game and maintain focus for longer periods of time.

These glasses are not only functional and practical, but they are stylish as well. They feature a feather light frame that is just 132mm at the temples, and features a full rim design. If weight is a concern for you, then you will be pleased to know that this pair of glasses weighs a miniscule 25g in total. Add to this the prefect balance and you have a high quality product that looks good and works very well.

  • Kills glare
  • Amber tint
  • Weighs just 25g
  • Adjustable silicone nose pad
  • Limited warranty

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