GAMEKING ULTRA SJ030 Gamer Glasses Review


Gameking has made another high quality gaming glasses set, and this time it features a tan tint to its lens areas. This tint is 100% effective at blocking out UV light, and it helps with visual contrast for gamers, which can help with aim and navigation in games. Blue light is emitted from LED, LCD and other electronic devices which can cause damage to the eye. Luckily there is protection built into these glasses as well, meaning that eye strain is also avoided from this source of light, helping gamers to avoid macular degeneration. Your light sensitive tissues within the eye are likely to find great relief when these glasses are employed.

Lens materials are anti reflective with a special coating that kills halos and it allows for a clear view of the screen while you are playing your favorite games, giving you clearer focus and visual acuity, also known as sharper vision. Oils, smudges and fingerprints are also less likely to foul up the surface of your gaming glasses. This will lead to fewer distractions and therefore a better gaming experience.

The lens material is made from an ultra-elasticized tan nylon lens material that is anti-UV transparent crystal material. This prevents the scattering of visible light, and filters out the dangerous wavelengths. The glasses also feature an ultra-thin stretch steel frame that is ultra-light and flexible. They are kept together by a screw-less and solder free assembly technique. It has fantastic flexibility that allows these glasses to return to their original shape if they are dropped or sat on. This product comes with a hard case and a micro-fiber cloth, and the outside box container is made from 100% recycled materials, which is a great environmental gesture in 2018. The price is also compelling if you consider the overall benefits that this product has to offer.

  • Tan glass
  • Anti-reflective
  • Ultra-elastic
  • Ultra-thin stretch steel
  • Comes with hard case and cloth

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