GAMEKING Classic Rimless Computer Glasses Review

Gameking Classic

Gameking Classic Computer glasses have been designed with the budget conscious gamer in mind. They feature amber lens tint which blocks almost 100% of harmful UV radiation, and they also strengthen the contrast distinction between on-screen images, giving you the edge when it comes to visual performance.

This also helps to alleviate eye fatigue and sore eyes by filtering out only short wave blue light. This is produced by man-made displays and lights, such as LED displays and cell phone screens. Macular degeneration is a real risk for people that play a lot of online games, and the Gameking classic computer glasses can really help to improve your gaming experience.

The anti-reflective coating that has been applied to these clip-on glasses helps to almost entirely eliminate glare and light-halos from your vision, and will provide gamers with a fantastic gaming experience. Beneficial light is allowed through the lens, while blue light is filtered out. There are additional functionality layers as well, which offer stain and oil resistance. The resulting eyewear is one that is easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Because these lens items are a clip on solution you save you money by not having to pay for an entire set of glasses. These will clip onto your existing glasses with no problems, which means that you won’t have to get used to a new frame when you receive your pair.

There is a safety feature that is a series of silicone feet that prevents the amber glass from scratching your existing glasses. It is really light as well, and weighs a paltry 12g. It has also been approved by the FDA and is therefore of great benefit to your vision when gaming.

  • UV protection
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Clip on design saves you money
  • FDA registered
  • Hard case and cloth included

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