X Rocker 0717901 Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker - 0717901

When you think about luxury and comfort in a gaming chair, the X Rocker 0717901 Gaming Chair should come to mind. This extremely comfortable arm chair will not only let you play for hours, but is also great to sit in for reading or watching TV.

Another benefit of the X Rockers chair, is that has two speakers and a subwoofer that uses audio force modulation technology. You can immerse yourself in your game or movie, and the chair will play music from any source using the RCA outputs.

This arm chair also has a spacious storage compartment under the seat. You can also fold down the seat back as a footrest. The side pockets allow you to store your remotes or game consoles, or any other gadgets you have lying around.

  • Inbuilt speaker with subwoofer
  • Foldable footrest
  • Side pockets to keep objects like remote, etc.
  • Under-sear storage compartment