Vafru Fidget Cube,Vafru Mini Magic Cube Review

Fidget Cube

Slightly different from the options discussed above, this one is also great for dealing with anxiety and stress. The cube is very comfortable for use in the hand and great for getting your mind and mood focused and back on track, as quick as can be.

You can carry it with ease wherever you go and use it as you like, even during conversations and as you go about your daily work activities.

The cube works silently and can also be adjusted to give you a clicking sound when flicked, however way you prefer. The cube has six sides and the clicker buttons to give you the same experience as that of clicking the pen during stress times. Although some may find it a bit loud, but that’s what it’s designed to do.

Also good for those who have a short attention span and have trouble staying focused. The design itself is attractive to help you focus on the cube rather than the worry and stress to keep your mind off the stressors.

Although it is not like the spinners discussed above, in any way but it is often preferred by many due to their comfort level with the device. Kids too like it for giving them the clicks and a good activity to indulge in, instead of watching videos and games on the mobile screens and tablets.

  • An active stress reliever.
  • Portable.
  • Comfortable to use.

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