Raptor R1 Fidget Spinner Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy Review

Raptor R1 Fidget Hand Spinner (White)

Give those fidgety fingers something to take all the stress out on, and at the best price too! This tri-spinner is the top pick for this year. The simplistic design, ease of use and typical shape all make it one ever appealing toy for the young and old alike, in today’s world.

This one works great for general use, as well as for anyone with special conditions such as  ADD, ADHD, and autism. It is also a stress reliever and with it’s sleek design, wouldn’t get you noticed at the office or in use during those seriously boring meetings. Smokers who wish to quit the habit once and for all can also give it a spin and see how it works.

Thanks to the ceramic ball bearings, the spinner has a smooth spinning function,  and you can use it for hours without any trouble or worries about damaging it in any way. It gives you a three-minute-long spin on average, and is made for rough use.

You can hand it to your toddler too and rest assured the caps and ball bearing won’t come off unless you want to open up the whole thing.

The toy is available in a matte black or matte white color for serious business, yet completely trendy for the youngsters. The frame has a superb finish and the quality makes it unbreakable even if handled roughly.




  • Super smooth spinner.
  • Spin lasts for 3 minutes on average.
  • Quality ceramic ball bearings.
  • Unbreakable frame.

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