Intel Boxed Core i7-6850K Gaming Processor Review

Intel Boxed Core Processor

The CPU is still the undisputed critical component of any computer, and those looking to upgrade their PC for the next best gaming processor can give the Intel Core i7-6850K a try. The core is based on the Broadwell-E architecture and a 14nm technology. The processor offers six cores that have the capability of multi-threading and hence contain a total of 12 threads which delivers a high performance needed for all your gaming and virtual reality needs. It works along with the Intel X99 platform and houses a quad-channel DDR4 memory with up to 4 channels and an L3 cache with a 15 MB for better data fetching capabilities.

The Intel X99 chipset allows a whopping 40 PCle lanes that lead an incredible expandability and far more processor cores than the previous models. The use of the Intel Turbo Boost Max technology not only helps to identify the best performing core(s), it also delegates the work to that core in order to reach higher levels of performance. The overclocking ability of the processor is also increased, and this makes it one of the best i7 for gaming. The increase in the amount of the PCle lanes also provides four discrete graphic card slots for those looking to heighten their gaming experience.

The base clock of the i7-6850K runs at 3.6 GHz with the turbo clock that can go up to 3.8 GHz. This brings us to its overclocking capabilities which are at a decent 4.4 – 4.5 GHz that permits a high performance in all types of gaming. However, this comes at the cost of power consumption. The overclocking of the CPU has a severe drain on power depending on whether it is running on a single core or multiple cores. It is not a complete fit for those looking to invest in a power-saving CPU. However, if power is not an issue, then this will provide an advanced multi-tasking capacity with high clocking speeds.

The SLI and CrossFire technology are the highlights of this model as they help to transfer data and frame rates between the various GPU cards without any loss and thus show 10-15% increase in gain. This gain goes up further depending on the type of graphic card used. For those looking to enjoy 4K gaming at a smooth 60 fps, can opt for this gaming processor as a solution for running their gaming applications.

  • Contains six full cores with hyper threading capabilities
  • Overclocking is smooth with a substantial increase in performance
  • Good for running multiple GPUs with good multi-tasking
  • It has 40 PCle lanes for expandability

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