AMD FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition CPU Gaming Processor Review

AMD Processor

For all you gamers out there looking to enrich their gaming experience get ready for the best gaming processor by AMD, the FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition CPU. This is part of the AMD FX-Series processors and is one of the best AMD processors. The 8-core black edition is the first 8-core desktop CPU that provides the extra kick needed to increase your processing speed for maximum performance. This core is a good processor for gaming as it can handle high overclocking time and mega multi-tasking operations with a dynamic performance potential.

The processor contains a total of 8-cores that can give the performance a significant boost. This along with the ‘Bulldozer’ architecture that makes use of the AMD Turbo core technology assures long lasting potential without causing a drain on your power. It features a shared L2 and L3 cache with 8MB which enhances the scheduling and fetching capabilities of the processor and allows for smoother gameplay. The data queue sizes are also significantly increased by the 8-core processor.

The FX-8350 has a core clock of about 4 GHz that can be overclocked to 4.5 GHz with the help of the wraith coolers. These coolers are virtually silent in their operation and come with a backlit illumination and a sleek shroud for the fan. The cores also possess a multi-threading capacity with the highest clock rate in its class series. Each core allows direct communications in the Dual-Core mode and contains APIC registers in each core. This greatly increases its application capabilities and can several intensive applications without experiencing a drain in its performance.

The series also comes with a Hyper Transport technology that ensures quick access times to the I/O and a higher bandwidth of 8 GB/s that can go up to 37 GB/s for a total processor-to-system bandwidth. The integrated DRAM controller along with the AMD Memory Optimizer technology not only provides a high bandwidth but also reduces any latency in terms of its memory control.

The processor also enables a superior experience when dealing with virtual systems with the help of the AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology. This technology coupled with IOMMU guarantees a safer and reliable environment when allowing any virtualized applications access to the memory. The overall cooling of the system is maintained efficiently with the Cool-n-Quiet technology that ensures manual activation and deactivation of the components of the processor. The tuning does not require a BIOS interface and the power can be turned off without the slightest impact on its performance.


  • Can run a multitude of gaming and modelling applications without any drain
  • The 8-Cores offer multi-threading capabilities and a sizable cache
  • Efficient cooling with Cool-n-Quiet technology

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