AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Gaming CPU Review

AMD Processor

Though a proper motherboard and state-of-the-art graphic cards help to enhance your gaming experience, it is all for naught if you do not have the necessary processing power to back up your components. The AMD FX-6300 is one of the best AMD CPUs for gaming. It offers a 6-Core 32nm technology that is based on the Pile driver architecture. The processor has 6 physical cores with a total of 6 threads and has a base clock of about 3.5 GHz with a turbo clock up to 4.1 GHz. The overclocking capabilities of this processor make it one of the top gaming processors in its budget bracket.

The AMD FX-6300 like all other in the FX-Series has the Cool-n-Quiet technology that helps to dissipate the heat for a smoother performance. There are provisions such as a thermal interface along with a heat sink and fan to regulate the temperature so that there is no excess load on the CPU. This efficient way of controlling the heat allows for greater multitasking operations even while gaming. The processor also houses a Turbo Core technology that helps to boost the performance of all applications. It also provides a superior overclocking ability for its price range. The overclocking capacity can be pushed beyond its 4.1 GHz if it is equipped with a proper cooling system along with its built-in heat sinks. The Virtualization technology makes running virtual systems on the processor easy and reliable.

The speed and power of the FX-6300 are given a relative boost with the use of the AMD Power technology and AMD Catalyst control centre. These ensure that the processor is working at its utmost speed capacity without any sacrifice regarding its performance level. The L3 cache has a capacity of 8 MB which is a decent cache memory that provides a reasonable scheduling and data transfer rate for faster operations.

The highlight of this processor is its single-core performance that outshines many 8-Core processors out in the market. The efficiency of running the tasks on an individual core is better than the expensive models, and this makes the FX-6300 a good CPU for gaming. Not only does it heightens the gaming speed but also allows extensive multi-tasking without a major power requirement.


  • Provides a stellar single core performance
  • Intensive multi-tasking is possible without a power drain
  • The fans run silently
  • Best gaming processor for a strict budget

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