AMD A6-6400K Richland Desktop Gamer Processor Review

AMD Radeon Processor

The AMD A6-6400K Richland Desktop Gamer Processor is one of the finest processors on offer in the market. The gaming processor weighs around 249 grams which make it rather light and manageable.  The memory type that this gaming CPU supports is the DDR3 SDRAM. Also, the processor uses only 65 watts of power. It presents an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) with Radeon HD 8470D and an FM2 socket as well. This process has 2 cores and a stock speed of 3.9GHz that automatically turbos up to 4.1GHz when required and can handle anything you want it to. An impressive feature is the processor’s overclocking ability. Some may reach 5GHz or more on efficient air cooling.

This processor comes with an onboard IGP, HD 8470D, which is the best feature. This is because it is equivalent to HD 6650 and can play any game with low/moderate settings. This processor allows delivering balanced architectures for future heterogeneous computing. Also, the GPU performance is stable and incredibly powerful. It is the best budget GPU and an absolute must for all gamers who are looking for excellent performance. While it will satisfy the needs of several gamers, the processor is meant for those who are beginners in the PC Gaming industry. Apart from all these qualities, it also functions well during multi-tasking. The gaming processor comes with its own 1GB graphic memory. With all these plus points, it has been noticed that the processor is most compatible with Windows 10. It allows you to play GTA V at high graphics and very smoothly. The game DOTA-2 can also be run on medium settings without any trouble.

While the processor has the best specifications, it is also incredibly easy to install the GPU according to the instructions. A few other factors that make the GPU the real deal are its relatively low cost and high power efficiency which are basically the most crucial factors to determine performance. One important aspect is the cooling effect. This processor provides OEC cooling, and therefore no additional efforts to facilitate cooling are required. The processor works really well with SSD. Nothing pushes the APU despite all the stress tests one may use and comes out a winner.


  • Value for money
  • Power efficient
  • Quality Integrated Graphics
  • Well-built, sturdy design

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