XT Machine with Heated Humidiifer by Apex Medical Review

XT Machine with Heated Humidiifer

The XT with Heated Humidifier by Apex Medical is an ultra-light machine weighing in at just 800g. This makes it useful for overnight trips. It has its own built-in power supply and is a great battery operated CPAP machine.

Although a lot of the lightweight CPAP machines tend to be noisy, it is not so with the XT machine as it generates less than 30Db of noise. This is not the most silent machine but it will not disturb you or your partner during sleep.

The XT, unlike the XT Fit, comes standard with a built-in humidifier and an SD for storage data. Humidifier settings on the XT range from 0-6.

The Humidifier will ensure that you have moist warm air throughout the night which will definitely aid you in getting the rest you need.

It is great to have such a small portable CPAP machine that also allows for recording and storage of data as this is the best way to monitor and adjust your therapy to suit your needs. The XT monitors your progress such as pressure levels, apnea levels as well as mask levels.

A lot of people find it difficult exhaling against pressure when using a CPAP machine. This is negated in the XT by the Pressure Variation Algorithm. The PVA which makes both inhalation and exhalation more comfortable for a good nights’ sleep.

The XT is a breeze to keep clean as it is dishwasher safe, it also has a large reservoirs capacity making it easy to clean by hand.

One of the best mini CPAP machines for travel that has a built in humidifier.

  • Small and compact
  • PVA
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Own built in power supply

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