XT-FitCPAP Machine by Apex Medical Review

XT-FitCPAP Machine

The XT-FIT CPAP is a mini CPAP that is small and compact and packed with features. The XT-Fit CPAP by Apex Medical is a great CPAP machine that will tick all your boxes if you are a frequent traveler.

The XT-Fit is a single pressure machine. It has a Ramp setting which allows you to ease into your therapy through the night. Ramp times can be set from 0-45 minutes in five-minute increments. Pressure can start at 3cm H2O or go as high as 1cm H2O below full pressure.

The XT also does not record and display compliance data, but it does give you basic information such as hours used, set pressure and ramp settings.

The XT-Fit  has a built-in universal AC power transformer so with a proper plug adapter you can use it when you’re out of the country as well; the perfect fit for a frequent flyer. No bulky power supply with this CPAP machine, it only has a simple power cable making it extra easy to transport.

Although the XT does not come with a heated humidifier it does have an optional one available. The humidifier is designed especially for this machine and therefore does not add much to its overall size.

It also comes with a handy and sturdy bag. The bag not only fits your CPAP machine but also all accessories and easily fits into your suitcase.

  • Small, compact and lightweight for travel
  • Includes a Ramp feature
  • Universal power
  • No bulky power supply

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